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[El intercambio de motor condensador] Film medium in cbb65 capacitor.

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Depending on the medium, the capacitor has many types, such as electrolyte capacitors, paper capacitors, film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, mica capacitors, and air capacitors.

But the most frequent use in sound equipment is electrolytic capacitors and Film capacitors.

Most of the electrolytic capacitors are used in places where there is a large amount of electricity, such as the filter capacitance of the main power supply, which is used for storing electrical energy besides filtering.

The thin film capacitors are widely used in analog signal interconnection, power noise bypass (anti-interconnection) and other places.

Film capacitor is with metal foil as the electrode, and poly (ethyl ester, polypropylene, poly (ethylene or stupid polycarbonate plastic films, such as from both ends after overlapping, capacitor winding into the structure of the cylinder.

And depending on the species of plastic film respectively called ethyl poly capacitance (also called tool capacitor), polypropylene capacitor (PP), polystyrene capacitor (PS) and poly (carbonate capacitance.

The film capacitor is a good capacitor because of its many excellent properties.

Its main characteristics are as follows: non-polarity, high insulation resistance, excellent frequency characteristics (wide frequency response), and small loss of medium.

Based on the above advantages, thin-film capacitors are widely used in analog circuits.

Especially in the part of the signal interconnection, it is necessary to use the capacitor with good frequency and low loss of medium to ensure that the signal is transmitted without too much distortion.

Of all the plastic film capacitors, the properties of polypropylene (PP) capacitors and polystyrene (PS) capacitors are the most significant, and the prices of these two kinds of capacitors are high.

In recent years, however, audio equipment in order to promote the quality of the sound, the parts material has been used by more and more good, the price is not the most important factor, so in recent years the PP capacitance and PS capacitor is used in audio equipment of the frequency and quantity is higher and higher also.

Readers can often see the equipment of xx brand, which claims to use the PP or PS capacitance of certain brand, as the endorsement on the quality of sound, the reason is here.


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